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Châtillon sur Loire

Châtillon-sur-Loire (160 km from Paris, 80 km from Orléans, Bourges, Nevers, Auxerre) is a rural county town. Châtillon life, of Castellio (small fortress, which gave its name to the city and to a competent and active association of heritage protection). Located at the crossroads of Burgundy, Berry and Orléans, along the Loire and two canals (old and new lateral canal), Châtillon-sur-Loire, the county town of 3010 inhabitants, has kept its rural character with an agricultural vocation.

Castellio (Archeological & Historical Association) at the origin of the Municipal Museum.

Visitors will find :
An archaeology room with rich collections of prehistoric tools and Gallo-Roman objects. A history room with illustrated panels presenting the milestones of the city’s history.

Local Creators
Châtillon-sur-Loire has many creators among its citizens. Come and visit their website…
Information on Châtillon: http: //

The tourist effort is very important, Châtillon has, not far from the suspension bridge, the Marina and the Old Canal attract many tourists. Finally, it is worth mentioning the important effort made in the development of hiking trails and sports routes. But Châtillon-sur-Loire is also a port on the lateral canal to the Loire offering a complete range of services to the tourist-boater or wishing to discover its heritage.

The site of MANTELOT
Mantelot is both a former boat station and a lock classified by the Monuments Historiques. The site extending from the Châtillon bridge to the Folle lock, in the middle of which is Mantelot, was registered on the inventory of historical monuments on June 14th 1978. It is a unique site.

We advise visitors to go to the Combles lock by taking the Escargot dam and the bridge over the Loire. From this point of view on the right bank, a beautiful panorama from downstream to upstream will give him another perspective of these perilous crossings.