Camping on the edge of the Loire

Looking for a vacation in a campsite on the Loire Valley ? Discover our tourist campsite of Gien and go to discover our beautiful region and the Loire Valley. Stay in our campsite and enjoy a wide range of mobile homes and trailers, the water park, our activities and our 3 star services.

Choosing a campsite on the banks of the Loire for a family vacation

Family vacations are everyone’s favorite part of the year. Do you want to stay in the Loire Valley between the Loire castles, the banks of the Loire, the Loire by bike, walks and vineyards?

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Discover our campsite on the edge of the Loire, the ideal starting point for discovering the region with your family. We offer a wide range of mobile home, caravan and tent lodge rentals in Poilly-lez-gien on the banks of the Loire.

Camping on the edge of the Loire with heated swimming pool

Staying in our campsite on the banks of the Loire River means taking advantage of our heated swimming pool on the banks of the Loire with a beautiful view of Gien and its castle. Children and adults alike can take advantage of the pool to cool off, swim or sunbathe on the deckchairs. And if you prefer, you can also enjoy a nearby beach. The vacations are the best time to spend time with your family and make new memories.

Activities at the campsite

The campsite bord de Loire offers many activities within the campsite and nearby. In addition to mini golf, ping pong or fitness equipment, rent a canoe at the campground.

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For the pleasure of holidaymakers, go on a canoe trip down the Loire for a day or a half-day. Our campsite on the banks of the Loire River will take care of transportation and drop you off at the starting point of your kayak trip.

Discover the activities on the banks of the Loire

Choosing the Loiret and camping on the banks of the Loire is the ideal starting point to discover the different assets of the destination for family vacations.

The Loire by bike

It is possible to enjoy a family vacation in Gien on the banks of the Loire through various activities, including cycling. There are bike paths on several banks along the Loire that welcome a large number of families each year. Discover the Loire by bike.

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In total, the cycle touring route is 900 km long from Nevers to Saint Brevin les Pins. From our campsite on the banks of the Loire, the route passes through :

  • The castle of Gien and the castle of Sully sur Loire,
  • you continue by Orleans and the forest of the Sologne,
  • Discover the castles of the Loire Valley around Blois, Tours : the castle of Azay le Rideau, the castle of Amboise, Ussé, the Clos Lucé
  • Anjou, Chinon, Saumur, Angers, Gennes
  • Then, you continue your journey by Nantes with the castle of the dukes of Brittany, the machines of the island, etc.
  • And the end of the course on the estuary of the Loire and the edge of the Atlantic.

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The Loire River by bike is a very nice activity to practice with your family for many reasons. For starters, the activity of cycling itself is beneficial to your health. Not only does it allow the whole family to spend quality time together, it also helps build new and lasting memories.

On the other hand, this activity is ecological and therefore instills in all family members the good side of a healthy and relatively natural environment. It is also possible to get all the necessary equipment for such an activity once on the banks of the Loire. It is therefore not necessarily necessary to try to foresee everything before taking the road to the Loire Valley.

Tasting Loire wine

The banks of the Loire are not only known for the nature and the landscape. In Gien, in the Loire, it is possible to visit the vineyards and taste the Loire wine which is known to be of excellent quality.

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The Loire is not only an ideal setting for a vacation, but also an ideal location for wine production. This is a great opportunity for discovery. It is necessary to specify that there is a beautiful animation of day like night in this zone of France.

Walking tour on the edge of the Loire

The nature in the heart of the Loire or on the banks of the Loire is such that it greatly facilitates an activity like hiking. The latter is very suitable for family vacations. On the banks of the Loire, there are many places to visit and beautiful walks or hikes along the water.

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Canoeing on the Loire

The fact that the Loire has several rivers with different shapes strongly favors the practice of aquatic activities like canoeing. It is also a very suitable group activity for a family vacation. It is possible to find all the equipment intended for the practice of such an activity and thus not to be encumbered with such luggage during its voyage. Stay at our campsite on the banks of the Loire and take advantage of our canoe rental and transportation to the start of your trip.

Start your journey in our campsite in Gien then continue to Saumur, Angers, Tours to discover the majestic castles of the Loire Valley: the castle of Chambord, the castle of Chenonceaux, the gardens of Villandry, etc.

Camping on the edge of the Loire

The Loire offers a system of accommodation very suitable for all types of families. Whether it is a city or a village, it is possible to get hotel rooms of various levels. You can stay near a park, in the center or even on the outskirts of the city of Gien.

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How to choose a destination for a family vacation on the banks of the Loire?

It is important to know that the destination is very important when traveling with your family for a vacation. The right travel destination will strengthen the family’s bond, allow them to spend quality time together and create a library of important new memories together. It is therefore crucial to think carefully about the destination you choose. The ideal in such situations is to choose a destination with tourist status so as not to annoy the family.

It would also be a plus if the whole family could participate in different activities on the spot to better experience the vacations. A popular destination for family trips is the city of Gien on the banks of the Loire River, which attracts many families each year. Gien is a beautiful city on the banks of the Loire that offers a very special landscape as it is full of a very nice diversity to feed a long vacation period.

It is a beautiful city, but not necessarily overly busy like the big administrative cities that people are used to. The diversity of the landscape also means that there are many different activities and experiences to be had on all levels. In addition to this, the city of Gien is famous for its wines and its gastronomy.

Overall, the Loire Valley is one of the best destinations for a family vacation. Moreover, it is not necessary to carry a maximum of luggage to get there.